Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Sure I can do that"

A friend of mine called me up the other day and said he needed some headshots taken so he could pick one to put on his business card. Of course never having taken a headshot or even been around when one was taken, I said, "Sure, I can do that". I was doing this gratis of course, so he was going to get everything he paid for. I will say that any credit for the ideas that I had while taking the shots goes to Strobist. The guy who runs that site is just a wealth of information. Amazingly, the Strobist discussion group on Flickr is also incredibly helpful. The post processing I did on this image came straight out of the feedback I received over there.

Having said all that, it was a fun time and it was great to try out some of the tricks and techniques that I've been learning about. I never would have had the confidence to use a flash in this situation before and it really was the only way to get a pleasing image. Much love goes to my rock steady flash stand (my wife) who not only had her flash mojo on, but gave lots of great feedback and suggestions.

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