Saturday, April 12, 2008

Big Tujunga Canyon

On Thursday I went for a hike with my boss and another friend from work on a trail that none of us had been on before. My boss does a lot of hiking and he had heard from a friend that this was great hike. To say that I haven't been hiking much is a bit of an understatement. I mean, don't get me wrong, we can go seven sometimes eight blocks to find a place to eat at work. And except for the seven miles, 1400 foot elevation change, and twenty to thirty creek crossings, this was basically the same as a walk to lunch.

My butt was kicked the next day, but it was such a great hike and a nice time with friends that it was all worth it. Oh, and I did bring my camera, cuz that's what I do.

It seems that no matter where I am or how grand the landscape is, I always end up focusing on the small and intimate. This hike was no different. I couldn't walk ten feet without seeing a flower that I thought was image worthy.


Doris J said...

Oh I just love the first image with the sun peeking through!

I also looked through you wife's blog. I love her writing style! I would have left a comment but I could not find a place to do so :-)

fxmixer said...

Thanks for the comment Doris! My wife keeps her comments turned off but there's an email if you want to give feedback.

Doris J said...

Thanks I will keep that in minde :-)

Doris J said...

Please excuse all my typo's this morning, my fingers and brain are not working together!