Monday, December 29, 2008

For my boy

Here's how I spent most of my oldest son's birthday.

At 1,034 pieces this is the largest Lego set I've put together. Total time between sorting all of the pieces and construction was right about 4 hours. The look on his face when I was done (and really the rest of the day) made it totally worth it. It's the Republic Attack Gunship in case you're interested. Oh, yes the quality is pretty bad but I was pleased with A: my first attempt at a timelapse and B: the output from an iSight camera.


Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

That was awesome! My boys enjoyed watching it too.

SKELLER said...

Father of the Week!!!

My eldest son is going to get a huge kick out of this video - he just put his Republic Gunship together last week :-).

OhCaptain said...

That was awesome!

Quality was just fine.

Anonymous said...

This is more of a treat than a chore. I love putting lego kits together! I would have bought something big for my daughter, but it would have been more a gift for me than her :P

fxmixer said...

Thanks everyone! It was a good day.