Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hollywood Bowl Timelapse

My oldest and I went to the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday to help our church set up for Easter service. This is the fourth year that our church has been having Easter service at the Bowl and it's been fantastic. Anyway, I thought I'd have some fun and try a little timelapse photography. I strapped my G9 to a rail with a Gorillapod and let it go for about two hours. Thoughtfully, some guy came and sat down in front of the camera almost right away. For your amusement, the guy happens to be a frequent nail biter and back scratcher. Enjoy.

Music courtesy of Balkan Beat Box.


SKELLER said...

What a total HOOT!!! Of course, I thought the guy got up and left for "greener pastures" cause the camera shutter was bugging him. But wait! He came BACK! And really, the footage is all the more amusing because of him. :-)

Allison said...

That was really nice of that guy to sit and WATCH everyone work for 2 hours :)