Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm thankful

Hey, it's almost Thanksgiving and you know what that means! You got it, the L.A. Auto Show!! Year after year I can't resist the siren song that is a massive collection of all things automotive. This was the first year my daughter's been and she had a great time. My boys are old pros now, and they were determined to sit in everything that wasn't locked.

I decided not to take my big camera this year and just rely on my iPhone. My neck and back were very thankful, and it turned out to be very freeing. Hard to fiddle around with settings when there aren't any! I continue to be amazed with the quality of images I can get from my phone. It's definitely my most used camera. The best camera...

Auto Show-2

Auto Show-3

Auto Show-1

Auto Show-4

Auto Show-5

Auto Show-6

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