Monday, December 12, 2011

Check that one off the list

My good friend Joe just recently bought a red '98 Acura NSX. This is a car of my teenage dreams. He texted me on Friday an asked if I was up for some cruzin'. Um, yes. We drove back into the mountains, popped the top off and roared up and down some mountain roads.

Here's Joe and his sweet ride outside my house before leaving.

Photo Stream-697

There was lots of this.

Photo Stream-693

Which led to a lot of this.

Photo Stream-692

No matter how twisty it was, Joe's face was the picture of contentment.

Photo Stream-691

It turned out to not only be the best day, but the best time of day. Here's our first stop.

Photo Stream-690

Our second stop. Joe with his baby.

Photo Stream-689

We stopped parked near some telecommunications equipment.

Photo Stream-687

Not only did we get to see an amazing sunset, but the full moon rose over the mountains just as we were about to go.

Photo Stream-695

It was a life-affirming time spent with a good friend. And the car was just as amazing as you've imagined.

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