Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Wow, a father of three. When my wife and I married we had decided not to have any children because we didn't want to be "tied down" or otherwise kept from the fun and excitement that awaited us as a couple. Hah! Here I am almost eleven years later, three kids running around and still blissfully married. My life is so much more full now with my kids. The joy that comes from seeing the world open up through their eyes is something that I never could have imagined. Every time they discover or accomplish something new I get to experience that with them. If they are hurt or sad I can be the one that kisses their boo boo or comforts them in my arms. It can be difficult to find special time with each of them, but it is so worth the effort and I get rewarded with the unexpected "I love you" or the little "Mmmm" sound Marlie makes when she wants a kiss.

When I take pictures of kids I am trying to capture the moment that shows their true self. I get lots of opportunities with my own kids and these are some that I think capture who my kids are.

I couldn't forget the woman who started it all. The one who made me a husband and a father, and who continues to love and support me in everything that I do. I love her.

Oh, and here I am. My three year old took this picture with me holding the camera. He put his eye right up to the viewfinder, found the shutter button and snapped away. I was so proud.


5KidMom said...

Beautiful, Marshall!...and GO SEAMUS!!!

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