Sunday, July 1, 2007

Days off

I've had some time off during the past few weeks and I've tried to make the most of that time with my family. Part of that includes evening walks around the neighborhood and playing in the front yard. I love evenings because it's cooler (it's been in the 90's during the day) and the light is much nicer. I never seem to get tired of photographing my kids and they provide me with endless joy and entertainment.

Here's the boys just after driving through some sprinklers.

They thought that was the most fun ever.

Here's Haven taking a break from playing to watch the clouds (and me).

Seamus looking too cute as he checks out something known only to him.

And my baby girl. What can I say except that she is the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen.

I don't talk too much about technical details, but I love shooting my kids and people in general with a telephoto lens. My favorite one for this, and the one used for the image of Marlie, is my Canon 70-200 f4. This lens is so sharp and allows me to sit back and observe from a distance but still get a frame-filling image.

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