Sunday, July 1, 2007

Niece in town

My niece came to visit last week from Chicago. I had been really looking forward to her visit because she has a real gift for photography and has, I believe, already established a style at age 16. It was great having her here and the kids just adored her. Marlie especially wanted to hold her hand no matter where we were; on a walk, in the van or in a store.

We went for several walks around the neighborhood with our cameras and it was fascinating to see her perspective on things and see her pictures afterwards. I found myself looking at things in new ways and appreciating things that I probably would have overlooked.

I took her up the Getty Center one afternoon because there are so many photographic opportunities there and I knew she would love it.

This last image is probably my favorite of her whole visit, and I must confess that it's a complete rip off. She showed me a shot she had just taken and I thought it was so awesome that I had to take one just like it.

It was great to see how much she enjoyed the kids while she was her and how much they enjoyed her. Personally I had such a great time taking and sharing photographs with her and look forward to a time when we can do it again.

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