Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just a little excited

Say hello to my next camera. I've been waiting a while for Canon to make their announcement, and today was the day. I wanted there to be a real reason to upgrade from my Rebel XT and this baby's it. I can't just say that I decided because there was much discussion and/or bartering with the wife to make this happen, but come the beginning of October I'm gonna be a proud photographic papa! And please, no one ask how many megapixels it has, it ain't about that.


Doris J said...

Very cool!
But think with all those pets you will have lots of opportunitys to get lots of shots off LOL

OhCaptain said...

Again, you need to have your wife talk to my wife. Awesome! I love my 30D and didn't find enough in the 40D to upgrade...this one on the other hand could be it. I just need to find a new home for my 30D.

PG said...

send me your old one!