Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've been eagerly awaiting the time when I could show you guys these pictures. The first thing I'll say about this photo shoot is, I loved it. All the guys in the band were fantastic and I am truly grateful to them for giving me this opportunity . I want to thank Matt, who started the band, for trusting me and being cool with all the rain outs we had. One of the guys is a pro photographer who does a lot of music related work, and he gave me great bits of advice throughout the shoot. Big ups to you Daley. Austen, I appreciate your chill demeanor and willingness to go along with any wacky ideas I had.

I would highly recommend these guys. You can check out their music on iTunes, head over to their website or hit up their Facebook fanpage.

theft 3

theft 5

theft 4

theft 1

theft 2

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Carolyn said...

Those are amazing Mr. G! Any one of them could be an album cover although I have to say that I think the third one (building in the background) is my favourite. I love that in the top one and the individual ones that the guys have their in the same positions.