Tuesday, March 27, 2012


A quick tip this morning about shooting silhouettes. You need to have a very definitive shape to your subject so that viewers aren't left guessing what they're looking at. In this image of a fellow photographer shooting, I had her turn to her left so that I could capture her profile and the strong shape of the camera. Also notice that her feet are slightly apart giving the legs some separation. If her feet were together, the legs would look like a dark, muddy rectangle. Now I know you can't always pose your subject, but I had seen this exact look a few moments before but my camera wasn't ready. *sad trombone* Fortunately I knew the subject and was able to recreate it.

Have a great day!



NIcs Cahill said...

An absolutely stunning photograph, I really like the colours, and the definite shape. Great to read your points on how to create this kind of photograph.

Memphis MOJO said...

Terrific shot -- thanks for the tip as well.