Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunset Timelapse

Howdy all! How's 2010 treatin' ya? I waited all of about 16 hours into the new year before I had to go try out my new Christmas present, the Canon TC80N3 Timer Remote Control. Sexy name huh? The gist of it is, you can take pictures at regular intervals without having to connect to anything else. I've taken timelapse sequences with my DSLR before (like this one) but I had to have my camera connected to my laptop and control it with my iPhone. Pretty cumbersome setup, and my laptop always ran out of juice before anything else. Well, this little baby solves that problem, and now all I need to do these kinds of shoots fits in one small bag.

This timelapse shows the first sunset of the new year, and boy was it a doozy! All the technical info after the video. Oh, and do me a favor. Please click on the HD button for optimal viewing experience.

This video is made up of 2154 images shot over an hour and fifty minutes or so. I had it set to take an image every three seconds. I assembled the images in Quicktime 7 then exported a 1080p HD video to Final Cut Pro and finished the edit there. I am so excited about being able to basically shoot High Def video with my still camera! I ask for your patience as I go through this phase of shooting everything in timelapse. ;)

Hope you enjoyed it, and have a great Monday!


Mathochist said...

I always enjoy looking at your work, Marshall! Awesome!

Did you have the camera on auto? Or did you pick a specific aperture value or shutter speed? (I was a little confused/surprised by the increase in brightness around 1:23)

Mike Gavin said...

WOW, Marshall that was really great, loved the color and the music could not have been better. Truly wonderful work.

fxmixer said...

Thanks guys! Mathochist, that was a good catch on the brightness increase. I could see that I was really underexposing when the red came in so I tried to open up my shutter speed a bit. Obviously it seems very abrupt in the final video. But hey, I'm learning!

M said...

Simply amazing. I'm glad you mentioned the brightening. I logged on to comment how awesome it is that it coincides with the pitch changes of the singer. Truly great! Keep inspiring us.