Monday, October 4, 2010

During the Rain

So it rained here yesterday (I know, crazy right!) and I thought I'd go out to the front rose bed a take some pics. And I did it, wait for it, while it was still raining! What can I say, I'm dedicated to my art. wasn't really raining that hard. Either way my lens hood caught a few drops, and I think my head got damp. But that's not why we're here people! You've come for pictures and I got 'em!

I call this one, wet rose.

During Rain Rose

This one is wet rose also, but less rosey.

During Rain Orange

And this one is cleverly named...(the suspense is killing you)...wet leaf.

During Rain Leaf

I know, I said the rest of the week would be about "Where's Marshall", but you'll have to tune in tomorrow for the start of the guessing.

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