Monday, October 18, 2010

Macro is...

It was raining on and off here yesterday, so during one of the lulls (not lulz) I went out to the roses by our driveway and had a macro session. Let me say that any of you who are pursuing photography in any area, you're gonna make a lot of mistakes. This is how you learn. When I first started my photographic journey (man that sounds snooty) I took macro pictures almost exclusively. I loved peering into that tiny world that exists around us and showing that to others. Having shot quite a lot of close up images, you'd think I'd have some clue about choosing subjects and making strong compositions. Wrong. I shot maybe 50 images yesterday, and I had maybe 2 that I liked. I even got frustrated while I was shooting because I knew I wasn't getting what I wanted. But I had to remind myself that it's all learning. Mistakes are great teachers, and I've had lots of teachin'. Bottom line, keep trying, keep pushing, something beautiful is waiting at the end.

Macro is

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