Sunday, October 10, 2010


Happy Monday everyone! Why am I so chipper? Maybe because it's a holiday. Of course if you don't have the day off....then enjoy reading this at work! Ok, pleasantries out of the way, on to today's images. As part of our recent trip to San Diego we took the fam to the Air and Space Museum. If you've ever been to the Air and Space museum in Washington, D.C. then you'll have an idea of what this place is like. Except smaller. For those who haven't been there, rent Night at the Museum 2. I kid! No really, rent it, it's much better than the first one. Back to San Diego. They have lots of actual, historic aircraft and full scale replicas of aircraft on display. There is nothing like walking up to an actual plane to get the size and historical importance of it.

This first image shows something that I've always found cool and humorous at the same time. When I've seen fighter jets at airshows and museums, and I've seen my fair share, I've always found something interesting on the nose. Here, at the very point where that Mach 1+ air is first hitting the plane, is a simple screw. There to hold the nose cap on, it's just a simple screw (although the military probably paid a lot for it and called it something like primary air deflector security device). A little phillips head screw holding down the front of a mulit-million dollar aircraft. I sometimes wonder if it makes fun of other screws when they say they have it rough. This is the nose of a Blue Angel F/A-18.

Screw this

This is a World War I vintage plane. I loved the finish on the engine cowling and that awesome wooden prop.

Air and Space 1

This is my son under glass, served with a light cream sauce. Ok, it's a helicopter. Can you tell I'm using my wide angle lens!

Air and Space

This exhibit shows an American P-51 (so sweet) next to a German (lame) Messerschmitt.

Air and Space 2

All in all a fantastic day with lots of airplane goodness.

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