Friday, June 24, 2011

Got myself to the Greek


The picture quality is a bit iffy today, but I wanted to share this. Last night my wife went to the Greek Theater to see Allison Krauss and Union Station. It was awesome! Do I say awesome a lot?

We had never been to the Greek, but after our first visit we were impressed. The sound system (something close to my heart ;) was full and beautiful. If you got to see Allison Krauss in concert you want to hear every nuance of her voice and everything was crystal clear.

Union Station, the band she surrounds herself with, is amazing. If you've ever seen "O Brother Where Art Thou" then you've heard these guys. The voice of George Clooney and the sound of the band was all Union Station. Top musicians all. The standout is a man named Jerry Douglas. He is a master of the dobro (google it). The man's a virtuoso.

Beautiful evening, amazing musicians. Can't wait to go back to the Greek.

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