Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I made it!

Oh yeah, I'm all up in the Africa. After two planes and twenty hours, I made it. Haven't slept a wink, but strangely am not tired. That's gonna make tomorrow pretty messed up. We jump on another plane at 7 in the morning to head up to Lalibela (it's currently 11:30 pm). Just wanted to post a quick picture from today's travels and give a couple of shout-outs. The picture today comes from somewhere over Greece.

Over Greece

First shout-out goes to the lady that sat next to me from Frankfurt to Addis: your constant farting for 7 hours left an indelible mark. Secondly, to the family that sat across from me: letting your child scream for the last 45 minutes of our flight really put a button on my travels. Oh, and from my observation, repeatedly saying please has no effect on your child.

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