Sunday, February 8, 2009

A plethora of panoramas

We've gotten some much needed rain here the past few days. And as always, with the rain comes the clouds and the opportunity for some great stormy weather images. I went a bit pano crazy today, but that seemed the only way to capture the scale of what was happening. Under each image is a link to a much larger version for your viewing pleasure.

Larger version

Larger version

Larger version

These images brought my poor computer to it's knees. It took about an hour to get these stitched together and I had to keep restarting Photoshop to gain back memory. The middle one is made up of 17 vertical images, and the detail in the original size is pretty awesome. In the third image you can see the Pacific Ocean in the bottom right hand corner and Hollywood is just on the other side of the left hand hills.


Anonymous said...

These are awesome panos, you are getting really good at them. That is nuts to think 17 images, lol, wow. One of these days when it finally turns green again, I'll give a whirl.

Nice work like always.
B Dad

SKELLER said...

Gorgeous, Marshall!

This is something I keep meaning to learn. The ballhead on my tripod even has all these numbers on it to accomodate me. But, y'know, it's like ONE MORE techie thing to learn. And most days, it feels like my brain is already at capacity.

The clouds yesterday out this way were AMAZING. I was bummed not to have a camera in hand.

fxmixer said...

Thanks guys! My little secret is that I almost never use a tripod when shooting panoramas. The stitching software (Photomerge) in Photoshop is so good now that I haven't found the need for a tripod. I'm sure things might be technically better, but I can capture the feeling that I want handheld. And B Dad, don't wait for the green, I'd love to see some snowy panos!

OhCaptain said...

Those turn out very cool. I'm guessing my current PC would buckle under the pressure. The mountains are just beautiful for panos.