Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vintage sky

An AT-6 Texan from the Condor Squadron on approach to Van Nuys Airport.

By the way, the image that people liked from yesterday with the car and moon was two separate images. There's no way to have a foreground object (the car) in focus and have such a distant object (the moon) be in focus as well. I just took two shots, one right after the other. The first had the car in focus and the second, the moon. It was a simple matter then to drop the in focus moon into the in focus shot of the car. Voila, have you cake and eat it too.


Kevin Mullins said...

Very cool composition and thanks for clarifying the "moon" issue.

Anonymous said...

Very funny you say that about yesterdays shot, I was wondering that myself since they both were in focus. Nice work.

Todays shot is very interesting, I like the view, color, composition and the crop.

Have a good weekend my friend,
B Dad