Monday, March 16, 2009

Evening with dad

Sunday evening it looked like things were shaping up for a nice sunset so I asked my dad if he wanted to drive over to the Sepulveda Dam to check it out. It was a bit chilly (at least it was with shorts on), but we stood there and watched the show. A fitting end to a great day.


Kevin Mullins said...

Great shots!

Mrs. E. said...

Wow. Absolutely beautiful. Sepulveda Dam. . . haven't thought of that in many years. I grew up in Tarzana and have lived in the midwest now for 20 years. Enjoy that CA sunshine!!

Anonymous said...

I always love your landscape shots.

Those are awesome. And how cool to hang out with your father watching these together.

Very nice.

B Dad

Brenda Jean said...

These are beautiful:)