Monday, March 9, 2009

Pomona Car Swap

The Pomona Car Swap is an outdoor car show/car sale/parts sale held at the Fairgrounds in, not surprisingly, Pomona. I went there one other time with a friend of mine, and I've been wanting to go back for quite some time. Since my parents are out visiting I thought this would be a great time to hang out with my dad and check out some sweet rides. My dad's a car guy from back in the day so he knew all the different makes and models of the classic cars. It was also my first chance to try out my wide angle lens that I got mainly for car photography. The lens did great, but I still have a lot to learn. Of course, when learning's this fun, I hardly notice!


SKELLER said...

Ok, at the risk of sounding like a total girl, the thing I enjoyed most about these was looking for the reflections of you and your dad in the details.

Chris said...

These shots are great. I love Cowl Induction photo for the colours and kind of pop art feel it has. And the B&W shot at the end is great too. Really has a sense of power.

fxmixer said...

Thanks for looking! Skeller, there's no shame in that. There's so much detail that it's worth looking around. Chris I like that shot too for it's sense of power and strength.

Darcy @ lwm3b said...

White wall tires.

Guido and Luigi would be so impressed.

Pretty. ;)

And I bet that's exactly the girly comment you were hoping for... "pretty." ha!

Anonymous said...

Hey look, the Mrs. was here :).

Dude let me tell you something, this post is SMOKIN!! I love it, every single one of these, how awesome. I bet you and your father had a blast.

Can you post some more for your friend who only shoots rusted out neglected cars, lol.

So was it worth getting up before the crack of dawn to go to this? I would thinks so!:)

Nice work
B Dad