Monday, June 29, 2009

Lighting and Portrait Challenge

Well, today's the day. Last Monday I posted that Boybarian Dad and I had decided to have a little self-portrait showdown to flex our creative muscles. I, of course, carefully planned out what I wanted to do and got it done with lots of time to spare. Oh, wait a minute, no I didn't. I waited 'til the last minute and winged it. The parameters we set were; self-portrait, at night, single flash, city in the background. Here's my take.


Yes I'm in a car. Yes I'm driving. But hey, a self-portrait, at night, one flash and yes, that's city in the background, even if it's blurry.

Check out Boybarian Dad's shot here.

If any of you joined in on this, leave a link to your shot in the comments.

For all the details on how I took this shot, check back tomorrow. They'll be words and pictures about my picture!


Anonymous said...

Nice work. Your lighting is so much better then mine. But where is your speed racer helmet? :)

I always love the car lines, how did you stay so still? lol.

Great job and lets do it again. :).

B Dad

SKELLER said...

Hey! Shouldn't you be keeping your eyes on the road, mister?!? (excuse my mommy moment there...).

Awesome capture!! So did you do the whole rear-sync flash curtain thingy technique? (I can never remember the name of that. It's something I want to try down the road when I actually have a flash ... I don't think my Rebel has the capability).

Anyway, kudos on your first challenge. I hope you and BoyDad do many more such challenges!

Mathochist said...

Ni-i-ice! It looks like you are in the middle of shifting gears.