Sunday, July 5, 2009


I dropped by the Encino Velodrome the other day on the off chance that someone would be there. And lo and behold, the Encino Velo team was practicing. They were very open to having me walk around and take some pictures. I'd never shot any kind of sports before so this was unknown territory. I'll list a few of the things I learned. 1 - shooting bikes is pretty cool! 2 - the closer you get to the action, the more dramatic the shot. 3 - always be aware of what's going on around you. 4 - talk with folks before you start taking their picture. And lastly, I learned that my sensor's really dirty when I crank down the aperture.

Here's a couple of shots from the day.




SKELLER said...

fun! and how nice of the skies to give you such a gorgeous backdrop! In the 2nd shot, I really like the crispness of the shadow juxtaposed against the movement of the bicyclist.

Logan said...

f/22 and a picture of blue sky will show you ALL the dust on your sensor!

Pics look good. Did you try any panning shots around 1/60th - 1/125th?

95% of what I've shot has been sports. the pics look good. hope you can go out and do it again. 2nd time is always a bit easier after you see your pics on a monitor and can make mental notes of what to do better next time.

Anonymous said...

These pics are so stinkin cool I love them both but the first is my fav.

Rock on man!

I want to see more of these.

B Dad