Monday, July 27, 2009

Symphonic HDR

I recently discovered Trey Ratcliff's Stuck In Customs blog. Not only is he an excellent photographer, but he's a hilarious writer too. His main focus is HDR, or High Dynamic Range images. This involves taking multiple exposures of the same scene to capture all the detail from the darkest shadows to the brightest highlights. You then have combine these later to blend all of that information together. Trey has a great tutorial on his blog about his process.

After reading the tutorial, and looking at his images, I was inspired to do some HDR work myself. When I was down at the Disney Concert Hall a few months back I took some multiple exposure images with HDR in mind. Following Trey's excellent instructions, with a few little tweaks of my own, here are the results.





Corey~living and loving said...

These are really cool. I have been eyeing HDR, but thinking I'll wait for awhile to try it. I have been tentatively working on star trails thanks to your inspiration. :)

have a great day!

Mathochist said...

Very beautiful! I am too chicken to learn/try HDR. (Maybe one day when 98% of my day is not devoted to the care and feeding of small children!)

Anonymous said...

These are totally wicked. I'm headed over to that blog right now.

Fantastic work man, love it. I'm in love with the architecture of this building.

B Dad