Friday, January 2, 2009

Festive kitty

I decided to commit to taking a picture each day for the next year. I won't be posting every day (although I hope to make that more frequent) but I do want to pick up my camera every day and make an image. Having decided that, I picked up my camera tonight and searched around the house for something to shoot. Fortunately one of my big fluffy kitties (Lupin) was perched on the couch with the purple Christmas tree in the background. And so begins the grand experiment.


SKELLER said...

yay! I'm looking forward to your grand experiment!

Love this darling photo - the purple bokeh lights combined with Lupin's quizzical, alert expression is wonderful :-)

OhCaptain said...

Very cool idea! I look forward to see the results!

S.J.Roth said...

Was this shot with only natural light besides the "purple" Xmas tree?

Excellent capture by the way.

fxmixer said...

Thanks everyone. S.J. the only light was recessed lights.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures on your blog!!! What camera do you use? What are the filters you use most often? (I am trying to get back into photography....and need to decide on what to invest in)
Do you use 1 lense the majority of the time? If so which one?

What do you use to process? Thanks so much!