Friday, January 30, 2009

Is it Spring?

Obviously I'm not the only one (or thing) confused about the weather around here. During my little photowalk around the neighborhood today I noticed that some of the flowers were a bit uncertain about the season. It felt like Spring, it looked like Spring, heck, it even smelled like Spring. Anyway, here's some of the sights of Southern California Spring...I mean Winter.
If things seem a bit different, they are. I'm trying a workflow on my new laptop with (wait for it) Lightroom. Yes, all of these images were processed, edited, exported and uploaded on and from my laptop. This thing is sssssmokin'!


Beth said...

Those pics are gorgeous, Marshall! -BA

Mike Gavin said...

Great shots Marshall, and I'm sure great post work in Lightroom.

PG said...

I think I already said this, but Grrrrr.

Beautiful shots though!

Anonymous said...

Dude, the lighting, colors and compositions on these are wonderful. Nice job.

I have mice running around in a little cage to keep my laptop running. LOL

B Dad

SKELLER said...

LIGHTROOM!!!! It's my favorite toy evuh! I hope you have soooo much fun with it (be sure and pull up my post with the links to all the free presets you can download!)

Isn't January in SoCal weird? In all my years here (6 years since we moved here and 4 years for college), I can't remember a single January that didn't have a freaky summer period. And I LOVE it! Well, except that every January I get this huge urge to plant flowers in the yard, and well, then, "winter" returns. And my flowers keel over.

OhCaptain said...

Green? I'm not sure I remember what green looks like.

Nice shots!

Anonymous said...

You're my hero :)
Those are amazing.

~ betHANyyyyyy

Brenda Jean said...

How beautiful. I'm so envious. We have snow here- there is no green. We have brown and white. The sky and sunsets have been pretty though.