Monday, January 26, 2009


I've taken many pictures of these and I finally got one that worked for me. On a related note, staring up at the ceiling can make you really dizzy.


PG said...

I like it! They look like giant glowy pins stuck into the ceiling.

Anonymous said...

First of all, "Looking East" you pieced those together, it looks flawless. How awesome is that. I really like that image.

This picture today, now that is "choice", did you guys you that term back in the mid '80's in southern cal? That's a pretty stinkin cool image, the perspective is awesome. Side note, you didn't get stepped on did you?

BTW, thanks for all of the great comments on my post, especially coming from a pro.

B Dad

fxmixer said...

Thanks for the feedback guys! B Dad, "choice" is rockin'! Haven't heard that in forever. No, I didn't get stepped on, but I did get a lot of strange looks.