Thursday, August 5, 2010

Epic Movie

A few days ago, while I was taking the kids for a walk around the neighborhood, I decided that we should shoot a movie. I've got this fancy pants camera that shoots video so I might as well use it. Of course my boys were all over it. We weren't incorporating fairies or princesses in this one, so my daughter bailed. What you'll see is the result of minutes upon minutes of painstaking work and attention to detail. Continuity watchers, take the day off; there's nothing to find here. Script scrutinizers, you'll find no holes here. Quite simply, this is independent film making at it's best. Enjoy.

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The Author said...

That was pretty incredible! Bet those two youngsters are ready to take on the big screen. Although I don't understand why the cop was chasing the criminal in some sequences, and the criminal the cop in others.