Friday, August 20, 2010


So there's this photographer, Zack Arias. Music photographer, editorial photographer, educator and all around cool guy. I've been following him for the past couple of years and I find his images and his ideas refreshing. He's a tell it like it is, get the work done kinda guy and I can relate. If you've never seen his stuff, you should head over to his site and check it out.

He does these One Light workshops and I'm totally gonna go to one someday, but I haven't been able to yet. Anywho, before his workshops he does these One Light mixers where anyone can come and just hang with him and some fellow photographers. I saw on Twitter that he was gonna be throwing a mixer in L.A. this Wednesday so I packed some riot gear and drove to downtown L.A. I kid! It's just body armor. No seriously folks, there's no concealed weapons allowed in California. That's why I wear my gat on the outside! West Side!! Enough.

I went. I got to talk to the man himself and he was super cool and down to earth. I also got to meet some other photographers and talk some shop. The coolest part, though was towards the end of the evening, Zack gathered everyone around and gave a little talk. I'm not going to try and explain his points because I'd butcher it, but suffice to say that it was informative and enlightening. All in all, a great evening.

Oh, and the picture? It was taken from the balcony of the penthouse apartment where the thang went down.

Dowtown Night

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